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Joshua Roth Bonsai Tools

We take pride in offering a wide range of superior Japanese Bonsai Tools at competitive prices throughout Australia as the authorised distributor of Joshua Roth Tools within Australia.

We offer four grades of Joshua Roth brand of tools. Select the tools appropriate to your interest and needs:

• Student/Novice: Good Quality, basic tools for beginners at a fair price.

• Intermediate:  A wider range of quality high carbon steel tools for the increased needs of more experienced enthusiasts.

• Professional:  This very wide range presents superior quality and life for the serious Bonsaiist without an astronomical price.

•  Master:  Our Stainless Steel grade is of the very best quality available at any price. Easy clean-up, with the aesthetic feel of fine surgical instruments - the ultimate in lifetime Bonsai tools.

For those looking for tools at a lower price point than our Joshua Roth Japanese tools, we now also have a range of high quality stainless-steel bonsai tools made in China. Click Here